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19 year old girl from The Netherlands~ My main obsessions are Pretty Cure, Disney and Hello! Project! I love magical girls and many other things!

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Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask me~!

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This is going to be quite a long post with some spoilers about the first 13 episodes of Go! Princess Pretty Cure!


I finally caught up with the Go! Princess Pretty Cure episodes... Today the 14th episode aired but I haven't watched it yet (couldn't find it with subtitles)~ When I posted about the first episode I was quite enthusiastic, I really liked the first episode, although I had some worries as well.

Well, first thing I'd like to say... I'm really loving it so far! The story has many strong points so far, I'm curious how it will continue! The first few episodes really got me to like the characters... I fell in love with Puff, she is absolutely the most adorable Pretty Cure mascot and I already ordered a plushie of her!

Just look at her! I really liked the episode where they showed her off around campus! Aroma is really cute as well! That said, I quite like the Go! Princess Pretty Cure trio, I still haven't actually picked a favorite which surprises me since it's usually something I do the very first episode.

Talking about these three I'm still a little worried about Haruka. She has gotten more determined and cheerful, almost to the point of annoying, but not quite. She wants to learn and try everything she sees which is quite fun to watch, but these things get forgotten pretty soon after. We haven't seen any ballet lessons after the episode she asked Minami about it and I'm wondering if we'll see anything of that back at all? Other than that I do think she's quite cute, which is also the reason she wins over people so easily!

Design-wise I've accepted her ridiculous civilian hair, I've gotten used to it now, but I still think it's weird. Her Precure form is still really pretty, I think they really outdid themselves with this season's character designs!

Minami is still the elegant rich girl who seems to be perfectly skilled in, well, everything. She is still a rather nice character, she isn't a flat character. Even so I hope she'll get some more character development, otherwise she might become flat after all. Design-wise is she is stunning, especially her transformation!

I'm really liking Kirara, she is a bit brattish like I hoped she would be and I love it! Her introduction was quite nice as well, she took on the Monster of the week without even transforming! I'm always liking the idol/model/actress characters, I love these type of characters. I also really like her civilian and Precure design, I love the star theme!

What bothers me a little about Minami and Kirara is that they both seem to be pretty good at almost everything, while Haruka is usually the one having to learn things. I hope this will change a little in future episodes as that might be more interesting!

Then there's also Prince Kanata, I love his design, he's so handsome! I also really love his relationship with Haruka, they both seem to really like each other... I hope there might be some romance this season! There's also Yuuki of course, who seems to be interested in Haruka as well, and he seems to have become a nicer guy although he still acts like a tsundere towards Haruka, who knows, it might actually go somewhere. Right now I'm rooting for Prince Kanata though!

There's also the super cute Miss Shamour! I really love her addition to the show!

It works lovely with the whole princess theme! I love the whole lessons-set up and I think they've done it really cutely! Her human design is really lovely as well, although it doesn't fit completely with her voice! I hope we get to see a lot more of her, I love her teacher-role!

There's also the cute Yui! I love we get to see more of civilian characters and actually see them return in minor roles!

I'm quite liking these characters! Reiko is my favorite, I liked her development in the third episode! I hope they'll get a bigger role in future episodes! I'm also curious to see what Yui's role will be in the future since she discover their secret Precure identities! 

There's also the villains of course... I love their designs! Except Lock, who reminds me of Ronald McDonald because of his color scheme... I love Shut's design a lot though, he has an aristocratic design which looks really nice!

Led by Dyspear these guys want to destoy the keys the girls use to transform! Even so they keep failing... Which brings me to the point that they killed my favorite bad guy already... I really can't believe they purified (still read 'exploded') Close so early, I wasn't expecting it at all. I hope he'll make a comeback somehow, I've got a soft spot for those loud delinquent guys in anime ; ___ ;

I was a bit disturbed by his defeat though... They purified him, but he didn't return to a 'good' or 'original' form or anything. He disappeared completely which basically means they killed him... What bothered me more though was that they didn't mention it at all the next episode. I hope there'll be some more talk about this.

And then there was the appearance of Twilight... Ever since the leak of Cure Scarlet's existence (and later design) and Twilight's appearance in the opening the connection was quite obvious I think. She is quite different than I expected though. I'm really curious what her redemption arc will be like, because honestly she seems quite dark and psycho...

She does have what looks like a dark version of a dress-up key though, she plays violin and her character design is incredibly dark and pretty... I'm really curious how she'll become Cure Scarlet:

That said, the story is coming along quite nicely. The girls have to collect 12 dress-up keys and become grand princesses. So far they've got 6 of them, for their normal transformations and so far two different princess modes! We know Twilight has one as well. So with four Precure and 12 keys there might be three princess modes for all of them in the end.. At least if Scarlet gets these as well!

I think it evolving quite nicely! I'm loving it so far! The characters and their designs are really strong this season! So far there's not really a character I dislike or hate. I love how they're using the princess theme and how everything is working out. Even so, I do hope the characters will get some good development, especially Haruka and Minami.

The animation is also really lovely so far... All characters look great and I hope they'll be able to keep up this quality... The CGI has improved as well as always! I still don't really like it and sometimes it looks a little bit off, it's still great quality!

The filler episodes have been fun as well, although they're not 100% filler.

The donut episode was really funny, I hope we get to see Ranko again sometime! I'm also hoping for more Princess Lesson episodes... The fighting scenes are done really nicely as well.

I really have high hopes for this season!

My hopes for future episodes:
- Development for Haruka and Minami
- Close's return... I miss him already!
- More screentime for minor characters
- More Princess Lessons
- Good story arc for Twilight
- Some romance between Haruka and Kanata

Then I'll be perfectly happy! What do you guys think of this season so far? And who is your favorite character?

That's it for now anyway!

~ Suu

p.s. Here's some extra screenshots!

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