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20 year old girl from Holland who loves Magical Girls, Idols and Disney~ I love Pretty Cure, Hello! Project, Disney Classic Animated movies, and more!

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So, last sunday Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! made it's debut! I finally got around to watching it (with subtitles of course), and here are my thoughts!

The opening had a very different feeling from previous Pretty Cure openings, probably because the song is so incredibly upbeat! I like it though, it's very fun… I love Cure Up! Ra Pa Pa~!

This episode introduces mostly Mirai Asahina. Mirai is a 13 year old girl who is slightly strange, but also very kind and energetic. Her family owns some sort of jewelry shop where her parents and her grandmother work. It's there where she finds her transformation item, although it's unknown how it got there. She also has her precious teddy bear Mofulun, which her grandmother gave to her.

I thought Mirai's first meeting with Riko, a student witch, was really cute. Mirai is super excited and asking tons of questions, while Riko just tries to get away from her. Riko fails though.



However, after treating Riko to food to regain some energy Riko becomes more friendly and introduces herself to Mirai. The two spend some time together and Riko shows Mirai some magic. I thought the both of them were really cute together. Mirai is really happy with her new friend and Riko becomes more kind.

However their cute meeting doesn't last very long as they get interrupted by this season's first villain Batty:


Seriously, what's up with his design? We haven't had villains look this bad since Yes! Pretty Cure 5 probably… He just looks so awful with that face-shape, those weird ears (are they ears? I have no idea) and that orange fluff. His personality isn't very interesting either… 

An interesting note is that he doesn't use a person's feelings/dream/etc. to create a monster to attack them, he simply uses a truck. I didn't find Batty nor the monster very intimidating. Because he isn't using a person as monster it doesn't feel as urgent to fight it as compared to other seasons.

What I did like was that Mirai sensed this was bad person and ran away with Riko from him pretty quickly. This felt very real in a danger-sense. These are just two scared young girls who get cornered by an adult man, so this felt like a very realistic action.

The girls flee on Riko's broom, but they get cornered anyway. This brought two very cute moment (at least I thought so). First moment is Riko saving Mofulun. During their struggle to run from Batty Mirai loses Mofulun, but Riko immediately stops and reaches out to grab Mofulun because she knows how important Mofulun is to Mirai. This just felt so precious.


When they get cornered again with no way out Riko makes a last attempt by shouting a spell to make monster disappear at Batty. It doesn't work but she keeps going anyway. Mirai soon joins her with still no effect. Batty just laughs at them until they are surrounded by a light. 

They finally transform into the Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure: Cure Miracle and Cure Magical!

The transformation was very pretty, but not really outstanding. I thought it was a bit weird they immediately involved Mofulun, but I assume that will be explained later. I do think it's interesting that they're the first Pretty Cure with an obvious age change after the transformation (with the exceptions of masked Cure Muse and Cure Ace of course)! I'm curious what they'll do with that.

After they transform they fight the monster and Batty eventually retreats with his monster. I thought this was a little strange. Why not just let the monster disappear? Why take it with him? Oh wel...


After they return to normal they discover that Mofulun is suddenly able to talk. Mirai is incredibly happy, but Riko is very confused because it should be impossible.

After that Riko runs and takes Mirai with her to a train station. There she uses a magic card to go to a magical train station (Harry Potter anyone?) where she wants to take the train to her Magic School. She invites Mirai to come and of course Mirai says yes!

The ending is super adorable… Miracle and Magical are really cute, I like that it's actually sung by the girls' seiyuus. Also, Mofulun is too cute! I can't wait to see more of him!

Some conclusions:

- Mirai's grandmother must know more about this! She knew about witches and gave Mofulun to Mirai. Did she plant the magical pendant in the shop as well? Was Mofulun "alive" all along thanks to her? Who knows! I hope we get more information about this!

- I really hope the other villains look better/are more interesting. Batty was just a disaster...

- The preview looked really fun! I can't wait to see the magic academy, because it's looks really cute in the preview. I hope it'll make the story more interesting!

- It seems like this will finally be a real duo-season… It just feels that way for some reason, I hope it'll stay like this! 

- I love Mirai and Riko! They actually act and feel like they are 13, they're so cute… I love their friendship so far, I can't wait to see it develop!


What are your thoughts so far?

~ Suu
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